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There is a management interface for all the routers which once accessed allows you to manage its various settings. In order to get through this management interface or which we call the admin panel, you need to follow certain simple steps. After being able to access it, you can make innumerable changes to your routers … Read more – Admin Login Wifi Router

Ever wondered if you can access your home internet outside your place? It might surprise you but it is achievable. You just need to learn to use an IP address which provides you with an entry pass to tap into your router’s settings and lets you enjoy several benefits. In order to access this … Read more – Admin Login | Change Wifi Settings login is the default IP address used by almost all internet Wifi routers or modem brands. You can use this IP address to configure and manage the router settings. What is IP? It is an IP address used by router or modem brands to log into the settings in order to make the … Read more