Chess Olympiad 2022 | Winner List – Schedule

The Biggest Chess Competition in The World is here! The Chess Olympiad is a yearly tournament in which teams of All countries participate. The First Chess Olympiad was organized in 1924. International Chess Federation (FIDE) organize the Chess Olympiad every year. The Chess Olympiad 2022 is organized in Chennai, India This year.

About Chess

The Chess game was born in India. In ancient times in India, Chess was played. The Greatest Sanskrit Epic Mahabharata Too have mention of Chess Game (between the Kaurava and the Pāṇḍava). The current form of chess (Black and White), came out in Spain during the 15th Century.

Chess Olympiad
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About Chess Olympiad 2022

Below is information about the Chess Olympiad 2022 (Chennai), the Total team participation and much more.

The 44th Edition of the Chess Olympiad (or Chennai Chess Olympiad) is organized in India.

Schedule of Chess Olympiad 2022

Start Date:- 28th July 2022

End Date – 10th August 2022

  • Total Teams – 188 (Open), 162 (Women)
  • Nations – 186 (Open), 160 (Women)
  • Total Participants – 1736 (937 in Open and 799 in Women’s Game)

Venue – The 44th Chess Olympiad will be played in the below-mentioned Venues.

  • Four Points by Sheraton, Mahabalipuram
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai

Schedule of Chess Olympiad 2022

Below is the detailed schedule for Chess Olympiad Chennai. Do Check and follow the schedule;

Date Event
28th July 2022 Opening Ceremony & Arbiters meeting
29th July 2022 1st Tournament Round & Captains meeting
30th July 2022 2nd Tournament Round
31st July 2022 3rd Tournament Round
1st August 2022 4th Tournament Round
2nd August 2022 5th Tournament Round
3rd August 2022 6th Tournament Round
4th August 2022 Rest Day
5th August 2022 7th Tournament Round
6th August 2022 8th Tournament Round
7th August 2022 9th Tournament Round
8th August 2022 10th Tournament Round
9th August 2022 11th Tournament Round & Closing Ceremony

Chess Olympiad Winner List

Below is a List of Winners So Far in Chess Olympiads, Do check out.

Year Event Host Gold Silver Bronze
1924 1st unofficial Chess Olympiad Paris, France Czechoslovakia Hungary Switzerland
1926 2nd unofficial Chess Olympiad Budapest, Hungary Hungary Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes Romania
1927 1st Chess Olympiad London, United Kingdom Hungary Denmark England
1928 2nd Chess Olympiad The Hague, Netherlands Hungary United States Poland
1930 3rd Chess Olympiad Munich, Germany Hungary Poland Germany
1931 4th Chess Olympiad Prague, Czechoslovakia United States Poland Czechoslovakia
1933 5th Chess Olympiad Folkestone, United Kingdom United States Czechoslovakia Sweden
1935 6th Chess Olympiad Warsaw, Poland United States Sweden Poland
1936 3rd unofficial Chess Olympiad Munich, Germany Hungary Poland Germany
1937 7th Chess Olympiad Stockholm, Sweden United States Hungary Poland
1939 8th Chess Olympiad Buenos Aires, Argentina Germany Poland Estonia
1950 9th Chess Olympiad Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Argentina West Germany
1952 10th Chess Olympiad Helsinki, Finland Soviet Union Argentina Yugoslavia
1954 11th Chess Olympiad Amsterdam, Netherlands Soviet Union Argentina Yugoslavia
1956 12th Chess Olympiad Moscow, Soviet Union Soviet Union Yugoslavia Hungary
1958 13th Chess Olympiad Munich, West Germany Soviet Union Yugoslavia Argentina
1960 14th Chess Olympiad Leipzig, East Germany Soviet Union United States Yugoslavia
1962 15th Chess Olympiad Varna, Bulgaria Soviet Union Yugoslavia Argentina
1964 16th Chess Olympiad Tel Aviv, Israel Soviet Union Yugoslavia West Germany
1966 17th Chess Olympiad Havana, Cuba Soviet Union United States Hungary
1968 18th Chess Olympiad Lugano, Switzerland Soviet Union Yugoslavia Bulgaria
1970 19th Chess Olympiad Siegen, West Germany Soviet Union Hungary Yugoslavia
1972 20th Chess Olympiad Skopje, Yugoslavia Soviet Union Hungary Yugoslavia
1974 21st Chess Olympiad Nice, France Soviet Union Yugoslavia United States
1976 22nd Chess Olympiad * Haifa, Israel United States Netherlands England
1976 Against Chess Olympiad Tripoli, Libya El Salvador Tunisia Pakistan
1978 23rd Chess Olympiad Buenos Aires, Argentina Hungary Soviet Union United States
1980 24th Chess Olympiad Valletta, Malta Soviet Union Hungary Yugoslavia
1982 25th Chess Olympiad Lucerne, Switzerland Soviet Union Czechoslovakia United States
1984 26th Chess Olympiad Thessaloniki, Greece Soviet Union England United States
1986 27th Chess Olympiad Dubai, United Arab Emirates Soviet Union England United States
1988 28th Chess Olympiad Thessaloniki, Greece Soviet Union England Netherlands
1990 29th Chess Olympiad Novi Sad, Yugoslavia Soviet Union United States England
1992 30th Chess Olympiad Manila, Philippines Russia Uzbekistan Armenia
1994 31st Chess Olympiad Moscow, Russia Russia Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia
1996 32nd Chess Olympiad Yerevan, Armenia Russia Ukraine United States
1998 33rd Chess Olympiad Elista, Russia Russia United States Ukraine
2000 34th Chess Olympiad Istanbul, Turkey Russia Germany Ukraine
2002 35th Chess Olympiad Bled, Slovenia Russia Hungary Armenia
2004 36th Chess Olympiad Calvi, Spain Russia Russia Armenia
2006 37th Chess Olympiad Turin, Italy Armenia China United States
2008 38th Chess Olympiad Dresden, Germany Armenia Israel United States
2010 39th Chess Olympiad Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia Ukraine Russia Israel
2012 40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul, Turkey Armenia Russia Ukraine
2014 41st Chess Olympiad Troms, Norway China Hungary India
2016 42nd Chess Olympiad Baku, Azerbaijan United States Ukraine Russia
2018 43rd Chess Olympiad Batumi, Georgia China United States Russia
2020 Online Chess Olympiad Virtual India & Russia Poland & USA
2021 Online Chess Olympiad China (Virtual) Russia United States China & India
2022 44th Chess Olympiad Chennai, India Uzbekistan Armenia India
2024 45th Chess Olympiad Budapest, Hungary

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