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There are various IP addresses available that help you in modifying the settings of your Wifi router with a few easy steps. is one such IP address. It is one of the most popular ones. You can use this address to log into the online portal of your Wifi router which will then allow you to perform operations. Let’s go through all the things we need to have to log into the online portal as well as the steps in logging into this portal.

What is is a popular IP address among other IP addresses which help us to login into the management portal of our Wifi router from where we can modify the settings of our Wifi router at our convenience. You just need to enter into your browser and enter certain login credentials and you will be able to access that portal from here you can make changes for your router such as changing its password, name, etc.

Change SSID settings

When you would be able to access this online portal of your Wifi router which can be done using the address: then you would be able to change the various SSID settings which include changing the name of the network, changing the password, shifting from WPA to WPA2 and the other way around to enhance the security.

Increase security

This portal allows you to change the password of your WiFi. With this feature, you can set a very strong password in order to avoid unauthorized access to it. Moreover, if you want to change your password after telling it to someone for their use once, and you wish to change it; you can do it with the help of this feature.

Enable guest network

Guest networks are formed for allowing our guests to connect to the wifi without any login credentials. You can use it if you do not want to share your password with your visitors and disable the guest network once they’ve left.

Getting to know numbers

The internet portal holds on to various information regarding the statistics of your Wifi router such as the serial number of your Wifi router, the amount of data remaining, the version of its hardware and software, etc.

Enabling parental control

We agree that parenting is a difficult task and requires efforts on the part of the parents to keep a check on what their kids access on the internet. With the help of this management portal, you can enable parental control which would restrict your children from opening up certain websites.

Upgrading the Wifi router

The brands or companies of the Wifi routers try to upgrade the versions of the router’s software in order to match the changes that happen as the world moves forward. You can easily check if there are any versions available through this portal and upgrade them in order to inculcate the new changes into your Wifi router.

Address login

You can log in into your admin portal only when this IP address I.e., is typed in correctly. If one of the characters go here and there, you will not be able to open up this portal. You can easily find your IP address either on the sticker on the back of the portal or in the manual that comes with the Wifi router. There is also another way to find out your IP address which is through the lists in the different articles available on the internet which provide the IP addresses of different Wifi router brands.

You can also change your IP address with the help of this portal but once changed, the portal won’t be open via You’ll need to enter the new IP address that you have created.

How to login to

  1. Open any web browser and type in It will lead you to a page that will ask for your username and password.
  2. Enter in the username and password and continue.
  3. With the above two steps, you’d be able to login into the settings menu of your portal.

Incorrect and Correct Versions of can be found spelt incorrectly on different resources on the internet. Make sure you type in the correct version I.e., and not 192.168.2.I, 192.168 2.1, http 192.168 2.1, 192.168..2.1, etc.

FAQs for login

I’m unable to access the portal even with these steps. What should I do?

There are several ways via which you can overcome this barrier. First, try to ensure that your computer is using the same internet which is also being provided by the Wifi router. The second way is to recheck your IP address as well as your username and password in case if you are misspelling it. The third way is to disable any firewall that blocks the IP address from opening. If any of these ways, do not lead to any fruitful results, try resetting your Wifi router.

How to reset the Wifi router?

Find the reset button on the Wifi router. Press t with a needle-shaped object for about 10-15 seconds and wait until your router would be reboots and resets to factory settings.

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