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The Chess Tournament in the United States began in 1845 and ever since 1936; it has always been hosted under the U.S Chess Federation. The thing about this championship is that, up till the year 1999, it majorly consisted of a round-robin tournament of multiple sizes. But after that in 2006, the Seattle Chess Foundation sponsored the Championship. If you want to participate and practice in such, you can hunt down by searching ‘chess club near me.

Later it was initially renamed America’s Foundation for Chess as a part of a large Swiss system tournament. However, in 2007, AF4C withdrew its correspondence its sponsorship. Those who are interested to watch it can do so by watching the full live broadcast on and if not then on further YouTube Channels. Generally, the tournament is held at the Saint Louis Chess Club in St. Louis, MQ.


When it comes to the format of the U.S Chess Championship, it is generally a single round-robin that takes place in classical time controls. Each of the players is allotted around 90 minutes for the initial 40 moves. As soon as the 40 moves are used, the players will be left with no more than 30 minutes and a 30-second increment for the remaining game. Agreement draws are strictly prohibited here and the arbiter will verify the claim of the draw by either repetition or the 50-move rule. You can set off by searching ‘chest set near me.

U.S Chess Championship

The sheer tiebreakers

Just in case, the tournament ends off with a tie for the first position, here the tiebreaker will certainly depend on the number of players.

2 players tied

Certainly, the tie between two certain players will be broken by the conduction of a two-game rapid match, and that too at 10 minutes of time control for the sole game following with a second delay. If even after all this, the contest remains undecided, in such case the Armageddon game will decide the match.

3-4 players tied

Just in case there is a tie-in between 3 or 4 players, a rapid-round robin will break the tie at a 10 minutes time control for a full game of 2-second delay. In the scenario, there is no clear judgment of the winner, the blitz games of three minutes usually break the remaining times for the game followed by a second delay. At last, if the contest’s result is still unclear, the Armageddon games will decide the match.

5+ players tied

Under the situation where more than 5 players are tied for the first position, the winner in such case is finalized with a solid combination of playoffs and math tiebreakers and this will be done in certain that the arbiter decides along with the Saint Louis Chess Club.

Other Tiebreakers

In scenarios where the tiebreakers are for the place that is outside of first, under such cases the tie will be broken in certain followed order that is the head-to-head record: most games are played with Black: The score against players either on 50% or better which is also known as the Koya system: Sonneborn-Berger: and finally the game is won.

The US Chess Championship: 2021 – 2022

In the US Chess Championship of 2021, around 12 of the players at every event have already pre-selected their starting position and they did it by drawing lots. Here, they decided on the 11-round robin tournament pairings. Every round will be played where no more than 90 minutes are invested for the initial 40 moves which are then followed by 30 minutes span for the remaining game along with a 30-second-per-move-increment. Here, almost all the rounds start daily at 1:00 pm central.

The U.S Chess Championship Players

All the 12 players of the US Chess Championship have been mentioned below concerning September 1, 2021:-

  • S #1 GM- Fabiano Caruana
  • S #2 GM- Wesley So
  • S #3 GM- Leiner Dominguez
  • S #5 GM – Sam Shankland
  • S #6 GM-Jeffery Xiong
  • S #7 GM- Ray Robson
  • S #9 GM-Sam Savion
  • S #20 GM-Darlusz Swiercz
  • S #11 GM- Lazaro Bruzon
  • S #13 GM-Daniel Narditsky
  • S #18 GM- Aleksandr Lenderman
  • S #28 GM- John Burke

In terms of the U.S Women’s Championship field, the following are the 12 players:-

  • GM Irina Krush
  • IM Anna Zatonskih
  • IM Carissa Yip
  • WGM Tatev Abrahamyan
  • WGM Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova
  • WGM Katerina Nemcova
  • IM Nazi Paikidze
  • WGM Thalia Cervantes
  • WGM Ashritha Esawaran
  • WIM Megan Lee
  • WGM Anna Sharevich


Thus, these are everything that was there to know about the U.S Chess Championship. Now that you have all the information you need, you are all set to search ‘Chess Tournaments near me’ and participate in your willing championship.

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