– Change SSID & Wifi Settings is an IP address that once put in the search bar of your browser would lead you to a portal from where you can change the settings of your wifi router as and when needed. There are various IP addresses ascribed to different wifi router brands. Check if your Wi-Fi router’s IP address is and become adept at changing the needed changes for your wifi router yourself without calling your nearby service center.

What can you achieve with 192.168 l 8.1?

It will allow you to make changes to your wifi router’s settings. You can change the name of your network to suit your convenience. You can also change the password to a stronger one for security concerns. Also, You can check who are connected to your Wi-Fi and remove the ones that you cannot recognize. Moreover, you can also manage the network settings of your Wi-Fi router such as LAN, WLAN, etc.

It also allows you to enable a guest network that could be used by your guests during their visit which you can disable later. Also, some parents are concerned about the content that their children have access to. This menu would allow you to enable parental control which will block certain content on your children’s devices. You can also check the data regarding the software and hardware, etc. Moreover, you can also update your software if it’s available with the help of this portal. This will allow you to enjoy special benefits provided by your Wi-Fi router’s company as an update.

To suit your preference, you can also change you’re your IP address and other credentials to simpler ones for ease. Once you have changed those, you can only log in via the newer ones. If you, by chance, forget them or lose them, then you can factory reset your Wi-Fi router.

Requirements for login

You need to be double-sure regarding the IP address of your router. You can find your IP address in the various articles available on Google that put across your router’s brand’s IP address. Else, you can check with the user manual of your router.

You can also check the IP address with the following steps:

  • If you’re using Windows, type in ipconfig in the command section. It will open up your wifi router’s IP address.
  • If you’re using a Mac, then type in netstat in the command section to get going.
  • If you’re trying to access it on your phone, go to the advanced settings of the Wi-Fi device to which you are connected.

Internet connection

You must be connected to the same internet connection that is your Wi-Fi router in order to get to the admin portal.

Username and password

You need to find out the username and password of your wifi modem’s admin page. It can be found either on Google or in the user manual. You can also go through the FAQs section to check the default username and password.

You can change your IP address as well as username and password for security concerns.

Various versions

There are many different versions of listen on the net. Here are some of the wrong ones:

192.168 8.1, HTTP 192.168 8.1, 192.168.8.I, http //192.168.l.8.1,, etc.

The correct version is

A quick guide to IP

Follow these steps in order to open the admin portal of your Wi-Fi router:

  1. Switch on your computer and open any web browser.
  2. Find the search bar of your web browser and type in
  3. After typing in the same, a page would open asking you the username and password of your router’s admin portal.
  4. When you enter the same, it will direct you to the admin portal.

Can Find IP with the Command ip:


192.168 l 8.1 Password Change Wifi

If you want to change the Password of the Wi-Fi router to 192.168 l 8.1  router, Follow the above-mentioned guide.

FAQs Related to

Where can I find the IP address, username, and password for

You can find it either in the user manual that was delivered to you by your modem’s company or you can check it on google. Sometimes the router companies also paste a sticker on your modem mentioning the same.

What if is not working?

In such a case, check for the following steps:
1. Ensure that the network you are connected to is the one being provided by your router.
2. Sometimes we mistype the IP address, so ensure that it is only.
3. Disable cookies or caches.
4. If you changed your IP address once and you do not remember it now, you can reset your device.

How can we reset our router?

Take a needle-like pointed object and long press the button on the back of your router for a few seconds. This will reset your router to its default settings.

What is the default username and password for

The default username of your router’s admin page would be cameras. So, would be the password of your router’s admin page.

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