– Admin Login | Change Wifi Settings is an IP address that helps you access the admin panel of your Wifi router or modem. The Wifi router providers usually pre-specify it as an IP address which is used as the default gateway. This IP address allows us to make necessary changes to our router.

What is IP?

It is an IP address used by most Wifi router providers as a gateway or an access point. This gateway allows us to access the admin panel in order to configure Wifi router settings.

Usage of

Change basic settings

It helps us change basic wifi settings such as wifi name or password in order to make it easier.

Enhancing security

You can change your wifi password using the admin panel which opens through this IP address and enhance the security by creating a difficult password.

Accessing required information

This IP address helps us acquire important information such as information about the modem, speed of the internet, traffic as well as the devices connected to your wifi. This helps us in figuring out abnormalities in the internet connection if any.

Manage services that use the internet

You can alter the settings of the applications that use an internet connection. It will help

Reset to factory settings

This IP address helps you, access admin, to control which will help you in resetting the modem if required, as well as enable the firewall.

Parental control

You can enable or disable parental control via the admin panel. It is helpful to restrain your kids.

Enabling guest network

The admin panel will let you create a guest network if you fear sharing your password with everyone.

Address – login

You can access the admin panel by entering this IP address. If by mistake, you make even a minor error, it won’t let you reach the admin panel. You can figure out your Wifi router’s IP address using the manual or information available about different Wifi routers on the internet.

What Needs to Access Wifi Router Admin Page

Internet connection

An active internet connection is required to open the access panel of your Wifi router. Make sure you are using the same internet connection as that of the Wifi router whose admin panel you want to access. You can check your internet connection by directly connecting your computer or laptop using the ethernet cable.

An unboxed Wifi router

Keep the manual in a safe place when you unbox your Wifi router because it contains your Wifi router’s username and password. Moreover, try to keep the Wifi router at a height and in a central location.

Power connection for your Wifi router

Connect your Wifi router to a power source and wait till it shows a green light or any other colour which would be indicated in your manual.

Connection to the internet source

The Wifi router needs to be connected to the internet source via the ISP cable. This point where you need to insert the ISP cable is noticeable.

IP address and login credentials

You need to have the IP address, username and password to access the admin panel. These could be found either in the manual or in the information available on the internet.

How to login

Use the following steps to log into the admin panel of your Wifi router:

  1. Open any browser, go to the URL bar and type in HTTP: // or
  2. The above step would lead you to a page that will ask for a username and a password.
  3. Type in the username and password and the admin panel will appear on your screen.

Correct Version

  • HTTP: //

Incorrect Version

  • 192.168.I.I
  • 192.168.1
  • 192.168 l 1

There are various versions of this IP address available on the internet such as 192.168.I.I, 192.168.1, 192.168 l 1, etc. which would not lead to your desired destination. In order to access the admin panel, you need to be very careful with the IP address. Type in the exact IP address I.e.,

FAQs for login users

What is

It is an IP address that helps you access the admin panel in order to make changes to your Wifi router.

How to log in to

You need to type in or HTTP: // in your search bar, write the username and password and press enter.

Why am I unable to access the login page?

If such an issue arises, make sure your internet is connected to the Wifi router’s internet. Also, make sure that you’re typing in the correct IP address.

What are usually the default logins of Wifi routers?

You need to check either your manual or google for the same. But the most common and default logins are as follows:

  • Username – admin
  • Password – admin


There are times when we have to make changes in the settings of our Wifi router in order to exercise parental control or change the password or add a guest network. The IP address will help you get through the admin panel whereby you can make the necessary changes.

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