– Admin Login | Change Wifi Settings login is the default IP address used by almost all internet Wifi routers or modem brands. You can use this IP address to configure and manage the Wifi router settings.

What is IP?

It is an IP address used by wifi router or modem brands to log into the settings in order to make the desired changes such as updating firmware, altering the settings of SSID, forming a guest network, etc.

You can alter a number of settings by logging into the admin panel using this IP address. Let’s go through the advantages that come with having control over the configuration settings:

Changing SSID Settings

These include changing the name of the wifi or the guest network as well as their passwords. You can also change the security settings to WPA or WPA 2.

Enhancing security

With the help of admin control, you can enhance the security of your wireless network. These include disabling WPS Connect, creating a difficult password, and keeping a check on the connected devices.

Enabling/Disabling Access

Access Control, also known as parental control, allows you to control who can or cannot use the internet by blocking some users. It comes in handy especially when you have kids.

Creating guest network

If you fear sharing your password with everyone who visits you, you can enable the guest network and let them access the internet.

Updating firmware

The Wifi router or modem brands generally keep on updating their software in order to provide better technology to their customers. By logging into these settings, you can update your Wifi routers.

Figuring Statistics

You can also get information about software, hardware, data used, serial number, etc. With the help of these settings.

Address – Login

It is important to note here that you can access admin control, only and only if your router’s IP address is Otherwise, your efforts won’t lead to any fruitful results. You can find your router’s IP address using the information given about various brands’ IP addresses or from the manual. Once the page asking for login details gets opened, you are good to go.

Requirements for Wifi Router Login

IP Address

In order to perform these functions, you require your wifi router’s IP address which can be found easily either on google or its manual.

Internet Connection

You’ll get through the settings only if you have an active internet connection. Moreover, you need to be connected to the wifi whose wireless router or modem you are trying to configure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the login page.

Login Credentials (Username/Password)

You would require a username and password in order to access the configuration panel. It can be found either on the password lists provided by the brands of various wireless routers on the internet or from its manual.

How to Login

You can find the guide to open configuration settings in the following section. You just need to be connected to the network of your wifi router as well as carry through the above-mentioned requirements.

  1. Type in HTTP: // in the search bar of any web browser and press enter.
  2. After hitting enter, you will be directed to a login page where you will be asked to enter your username and password.
  3. Type in the username and password that you found either through the list or the manual and press enter.
  4. The above step would lead you to the console displaying the required page where you can make changes. You can check who all are using your wifi, alter the SSID settings, enable or disable parental control, block any user, change the name and password of your wifi and enable guest network mode.

Avoid Typing Wrong IP Address

There exist various versions of this IP address. But you need to know that there is one correct version whereas others are just misspellings. You won’t be able to log into the admin control if you type in the incorrect IP address with changes in just one alphabet or digit. You can go through the correct and incorrect versions as follows:

Correct IP address

  • HTTP: //

Incorrect IP Address

  • 168.o.1
  • 168.0.l
  • 192.168.l.0.1
  • 192.168.0.l
  • 192.168 01
  • 192.168.01
  • 192.168 0 l
  • 192.168 o 0.1

If all of this seems a bit difficult for you, you can simply download an application: Router Admin Setup, which is available for both ios and android users. With the help of this app, you can easily configure wifi router settings.

FAQs for 192.168.o.1 Login Users

Why am I unable to access the login page?

If you’re facing this issue, try checking in if your wifi is connected to the internet being provided by that wifi router only whose settings you want to change. Also, make sure you are typing in the correct IP address.

How do we change SSID Settings?

After logging in, you need to open the wireless section and you will be ready to go.

Where can I find my wifi router’s login credentials?

You can either head to the lists provided on the internet which state the username and passwords for different brands or you can find it in your user manual. You can also change the settings to default by performing a factory reset.

How do we change IP address?

You can change the IP address by accessing the LAN settings. Remember to use the new IP address the next time when you log in.

How to find the login IP address?

You can go through the manual or access address lists available on various websites.

How Do We Factory Reset a wifi Router?

You can find a reset button on the back side of the router. Press the button with a sharp needle-like object or sim ejector for a few seconds until the lights start blinking.


We are all required to alter wifi settings at one or another point in life. With the help of the IP address, you can easily log into the admin panel with the help of the admin password and make the required changes be it setting parental control, changing the wifi password, accessing the data about software or hardware, etc. This article includes all the steps required for the same.

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