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Are you trying to log into your WiFi router using the IP address Then you’ve arrived at the right place! You may struggle while doing admin login as you may face a loading error or your screen may turn blank. This is because the IP address is incorrect. To know more about the correct IP address and login process, read the complete article. 

What is or 10 0.0.1 ?

Browsers often suggest instead of as the default login IP address. But in most cases, the search will not derive results as the IP address is the incorrect version of The IP address is a default gateway to the admin panel of many WiFi router brands. However, it is mostly used by brands like LPB Pisco, and Xfinity. By logging into the admin panel through, you can get access to the WiFi router’s admin page and modify the WiFi settings.

How to Login to or 10.0-0.0-1 ?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot log in to the admin panel of your home WiFi router with To land on the login page of your WiFi router, you have to use as your default IP address.

Additionally, before logging into the WiFi router, make sure you have:

  • Correct IP address.
  • Network accessible system.
  • Login username and password.

Note: If you don’t remember your login username or password, you can find them printed on the back of your WiFi router or in the instructions manual. Else, you can refer to the combination table provided below: 

Default Login Username and Password Combination for

Router Brand Name Default Username Default Password
LPB Pisco WiFi administrator admin1234
LPB Pisco WiFi admin 123456789
Xfinity/Comcast admin password

 Now, that you have all three requirements checked, you can log into your WiFi router by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Connect your WiFi router with the system through a wired or wireless connection. We recommend using wired cables as it prevents sudden log-off.

Step 2: Open any preferable web browser and enter the default IP address in the search bar. Then run the search.

Step 3: A Login page will appear on your screen. Enter the login credentials (i.e. username ad password) in the fields provided and click on “Login”. You’ll be successfully logged into the admin panel.

Follow a similar procedure to log into the admin panel of industrial WiFi routers.

What if does not work?

Please Use instead of The IP address will not work for admin login as it is a typo error. Here are some other versions of the wrong or misspelled IP addresses:

  • is also an incorrect version of the IP address.
  • 0.01 looks similar to the IP address but is also an incorrect version of the IP address.
  • http // is also incorrect. is the correct form.
  • 10 0 0.0 1 is an incorrect IP address. is the correct version.

However, even after entering the correct form of the default IP address, if you are not able to get to the login page. Then it is highly possible that will not work for your WiFi router. You can refer to the bottom sticker of your WiFi router or the instructions manual to find the appropriate IP address. Also, you can try some other popular IP addresses like,, or any IP address between and if you own an Xfinity WiFi router.

Is or http // or 10. 0.0.1 or http// are same?

Yes, the meaning of all the above IPs are the same, and it’s Anything else is just a misspelled word.

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