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When it comes to board games, Chess is one of the most famous games on a global basis. Almost every other person in the world plays chess be it at home, or in tournaments. You can also play chess online. It is the oldest strategic game that is played among two players. It is so famous in these current times that people often opt for playing this game even on online mode and especially ever since the pandemic has prevailed in the world, many people are playing this game in the comfort of their homes. The slight catch in an online chess game is that they come with a few of the ticks and tricks that will make the entire board game a bit fast-paced besides engaging. In the case of playing chess online, 2 players versus the computer, both cases are possible.

Chess game and its rules

In terms of online chess games, the rules are the same as that of a typical regular chess game:-


It is one of the most important pieces in the chess game. In the meantime, it is also the weakest of all. The king is that piece of the whole chess game that can move only one square in any direction be it left, right, up, down, or even diagonally. In the game whenever the king is about to attack by the attacker, it will be known as ‘Check’.


Queen, in the chessboard, is considered one of the most powerful elements as she bears the power of moving to any number of squares in any willing direction is it horizontally, vertically as well as diagonally. Here, the catch is that if by any chance there is a chess piece that falls in the way of the queen then the latter will lose the power of moving past it.


When it comes to the case of Bishop, it bears the power of moving to several unoccupied squares as they want but it can do in a diagonal way only. Each of the bishops set off on a certain color be it black or white. The bishop stays consistent on this color throughout the game.


The Rooks can only move in a straight plain line be it horizontally or vertically. When used together, Rooks can be way more powerful than one can ever imagine.


Pawns are the only first pieces that are initiated at the start of the game of the entire Chess. These pawns have the power of moving one square forward at a certain time but in terms of capturing, they can only attack the enemy piece in a diagonal portion. It should be strictly taken into consideration that pawns cannot move in the backward direction. In the meantime, they also do not bear the capability of capturing or venturing past the pieces directly in front of them.


The knight can only move in the shape of ‘L’ only with the company of two steps in front and one step on the left or even right. This particular chess piece is the most unique as it is the sole piece that can ‘jump’ over the rest of the pieces to move past them.

Play Chess Online free

How to play chess online?

To play chess online, you must download it first and then adjust the computer settings and follow the below-mentioned steps:-

To click and drag the piece;- Tap on the piece you are willing to move and drag it to the new location. As soon as you are satisfied with the move, release it.

Moving kings one square in any direction:- Provided that the king is the most important piece, you must protect it at all costs. You should not lose it at any cost.

Positioning the queen in a straight direction:- You can move the queen in any direction considering that it is the most powerful piece in chess.

Sliding rooks in a certain direction:- You can move the rooks in directions such as forwards, sideways, or backward.

Moving bishop diagonally:- You can move the bishop only in the colors that are assigned to them.

Moving the knights in ‘L’ shape:- You can move your knights only in an ‘L’ shape where must move them by 2 squares and one square at a 90-degree angle. It must be kept in mind that the knights are the only chess piece that can hop over the rest of the pieces.

Moving the pawns:-  While moving the pawns, you will have the option of moving those 2 spaces forward and not just one. Here, you have to capture the piece of the opponent that is placed one space diagonally from the pawn.


Thus, these are ways that you can opt for while you are playing chess. There are multiple websites where you can play chess online free of cost. Now that you have all the information that is needed for playing chess, you are all set to play it online.

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