Promote Girls Chess

Are you an enthusiastic chess follower? Or do you love keeping the track records of the winners, their ratings, and every minor detail about chess? If yes, have you observed the gap between the top chess players among both men and women?

Yes, girls playing chess has always remained a debate. There are very few girls who get attracted to playing chess. So, what is holding girls back from playing this popular mind game?

For years, girls aren’t considered to be capable enough for playing chess against men. The inducements were tough, and the aggression towards the frailer sex was apparent. Again, the open tournaments changed the overview completely, and girls were allowed to participate not according to their gender but their rankings on equality with other male participants. No doubt, change is observed, but it is still slow and lasting.

Promote Girl Chess

How to Promote Girls Chess?

As the change is slow, it is highly required to promote girls’ chess to attract more and more girls to the game. And for empowering girls toward chess, here are the different ways that might be helpful.

  • Ask the girls to attend more future tournaments for finding girl-friendly events that would take place in your state or hometown. Search for girls’ events or scholastic events for encouraging girls toward chess.
  • Search for a chess club and allow the girls to visit there to learn and play chess.
  • As parents or teachers, purchase a chess book along with a chess set for the girls and allow them to enjoy playing with it.
  • Allow the girls to watch chess matches or tournaments in which girls are playing chess. Let them read about women who have played chess earlier or in history.
  • Gift chess books or chess puzzles to the girls to solve.
  • Invite a woman chess player, arrange a TD, or organize a session with a woman chess player and ask her to narrate her story on how she got into playing chess, her struggle, etc. Let the entire class listen and get inspired by her.
  • Invite the members of the Women’s Chess Committee for helping the interested girls and encouraging them to play chess.
  • Look for an eligible and certified chess coach for training the girls.
  • Ask the girls to watch more chess videos or online chess matches, and tutorials, and join online classes or websites for learning chess.
  • Allow the girls to get the memberships of Chess clubs and renew them on time.
  • Know complete knowledge of the Tournament Directors, Organizers, and Chess Club Owners of your State and ask them if they are interested in adding more female members to their clubs or tournaments and events. Ask them to promote chess tournaments for women or girls.
  • Allow the girls to attend the chess festival, and learn how to play chess by watching the matches.
  • Help the local Girl Scout teams earn chess badges. This would inspire more girls in playing chess and choosing it as a career.
  • Prepare the girls to remain firm and confident during the game.
  • Report any kind of bullying during or prior to or after the game to the director of the tournament immediately. Again, any kind of bullying in between the rounds should be reported to the organizer of the tournament instantly.
  • Arrange events and other fundraising activities for Chess trusts to increase the donation for girls’ chess players.

Hence, these were some of the important ways of promoting girl chess. Playing chess for girls comes with various other benefits too apart from getting medals from the tournaments. It opens the doors to various career opportunities as well as helps in starting a venture too.

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