Ubee Router Login Guide – Ubee Wifi Modem Login

Are you a Ubee Router user and trying to log into the Ubee router admin panel? Then, this is the right place for you. We have brought to you the ultimate Ubee Router Login Guide. Not many people know that logging into the router’s admin page is easy and does not require help from experts. Although, you might need our help in knowing the complete process in detail. Read the article to know the easiest steps of Ubee Router Login.

Requirements for Ubee Router Login

Before we head towards the three-step login process of Ubee Router login, you must make sure that you fulfil all the below-mentioned requirements.

  • Fully Installed Ubee Wifi Router.
  • Consistent WiFi/Internet connectivity.
  • Default IP address, admin username, and admin password. 

If you have all these, then let’s move forward to learning the process of logging into the Ubee Router.

How to do Ubee modem login?

Step 1: Connect your device with the Ubee Router either through wired cables or via a wireless connection. Make sure that the device you are using for login into the Ubee router has network accessibility and is throughout connected with an internet source. Moreover, you have to ensure that during the process of login, your device should not be connected with mobile data.

Note: The internet connectivity should be from the router itself. You cannot use your mobile data for accessing the internet if you wish to login into the router. We will recommend you to use a wired connection if possible. Because it reduces the chance of suddenly logging off when clicking the save button.

Step 2: Now, open any preferred web browser on your computer. In the browser’s search bar, type the default IP address of the Ubee router. If you don’t know the default IP address of the router, you can type in the browser’s search field. Plus, you can also take help from the table given down below. If that too doesn’t work, refer to the sticker pasted on the router’s bottom or the router manual. There you will find the “Default Gateway” mentioned. Type the address in your browser’s search bar and run the search.

Step 3: A login page will appear on your screen that will ask for your username and password. Enter your default admin username and password in the blank fields provided. By any chance, if you don’t remember your admin password or username or you are logging first time into Ubee’s router interface. Then, you can consider entering the username and password combination provided in the table below. If that also fails, refer to the router’s bottom sticker or the router’s manual.

Username and Password for Ubee Router Login

Username Password
user user
ziggo draadloos
user Broadcom
admin printed on router
admin admin
admin cableroot
admin On a label under the heading of GUI password
admin On router label
admin 1234
admin (Labelled on the bottom of the device)
user admin
admin (Sticker on the bottom of the device)

Default IP addresses for Ubee login

Ubee WiFi Configuration

Now, as you have logged into the router’s admin page, your next move would be to configure the WiFi settings of the Ubee router. Logging into the router gives you access to the admin panel where you can set the parental control, check the number of devices that can access the Wifi, and a lot more.

Since you have the authority to make these many changes, you should know where to begin. For those, who don’t know what to do further, here are the basic updates you can do to your WiFi settings.

Ubee Password Update

Go to the “Wireless” tab from the menu. There, click on the ADVANCED settings option and move towards the Administration option. Click on the change password. Now, you have to enter your desired password in the password field. Confirm the new password and click on the APPLY button. As you save the changes, you will be logged off from the admin panel. Repeat the login steps given above in the article to log in again to the Ubee router.

Ubee WiFi SSID and WiFi password Update

To change the SSID name of your Ubee router, you have to first log into the admin panel. Then, from the main menu, you have to click on the “Wireless” tab. There you will find the existing SSID name of your router. Clear the SSID field and enter the name of your choice. If you wish to change the WiFi password too, then set a strong password by replacing the existing password in the password field or Network Key field. Click on the APPLY button and save the changes.

You will be logged off again from the admin panel. To make more changes to the Ubee WiFi settings, log in again by following the Ubee router login instructions given above in the article.

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