How to Connect Pix Link Wifi Router? – Setup

Do you own a Pix Link Router and want to access the Pix Link admin panel? Then, here is all you need to know! In this article, we will let you know the Pix Link Router login process along with other necessary information related to Pix Link Router login. So, read the complete article!

How to Connect Pix Link Wifi Router?

To connect the Pix Link router to a device for login, you need to first acknowledge the basic information about Pix Link routers before you setup Here is the preliminary information regarding the Pix Link routers including an introduction to the LEDs, ports, and buttons. Later, we will discuss the login procedure in other sections of this article.

Pix Link Setup LED Introduction

When you bring home the Pix Link router, you may notice several LED’s on the device. Let us introduce them to you one by one.

Power LED:

The power LED will either appear “On” indicating a regular power supply or appear “Off” when there is an absence of a power supply or consistent power source.

8 G LED:

This LED displays three statuses – “On” when 5.8G WiFi is up, “Off” when 5.8G WiFi is down or abnormal, and “blinking” when the 5.8G WiFi is transmitting or receiving data.

Pix-Link-2.4G LED:

This LED displays three statuses – “On” when 2.4G WiFi is up, “Off” when 2.4G WiFi is down or abnormal, and “blinking” when the 2.4G WiFi is transmitting or receiving data.


LAN/WAN LED also displays three statuses. When the LED is “On”, it suggests that the cable is accessed. When it’s “OFF”, it indicates that port either the port or the cable is unplugged. If it’s “blinking”, then it suggests that the data is either being transmitted or received.

Repeater (AP Mode) LED:

When the WPS is up, the repeater LED “flashes”. And when the WPS is down, the repeater LED turns “Off”.

Repeater (Repeater Mode) LED:

In the repeater mode, the repeater LED remains “On” if the WPS or relay is successful. While the LED “blinks” when the WPS or relay fails. It “flashes” when the WPS goes up.

Pix Link setup – Introduction to Ports and Buttons

Just like LEDs, you will also see multiple ports and buttons on your Pix Link Router. To uniformly understand the functioning of the Wifi router, let’s briefly know the purposes of these ports and buttons present on the Home Wifi router.


This port connects the PC to the Wifi router. You have to connect your computer to the Pix Link router via LAN/WAN port when you wish to login into the Pix Link router’s admin interface.


The reset button is a small button beside the ethernet port of the router. You need to press and hold the reset button for about 10 to 15 seconds to factory reset your router.

Reset/WPS (AP Mode):

In the AP mode, you need to press and hold the button for about 5 to 10 seconds in order to allow the client’s connection.

Reset/WPS (Repeater Mode):

In the repeater mode, press and hold the button for about 5 to 10 seconds to start the WPS connection.

Log in to Wifi router admin page

Step 1: Connect your PC with the Pix Link router via the LAN/WAN port to enable internet access. You can also use a wireless connection for login purposes. Although, we recommend you to connect via wired cables to avoid sudden logging off from the admin panel.

Step 2: Now, open any preferable web browser on your computer and type the default IP address given in this article or the one printed on the back of your router’s bottom sticker.

Step 3: A login page will appear on your screen. There you have to fill your user credentials in the blank fields. If you don’t remember your username and password or you’re logging in for the first time, then you can use the below table for your reference. Else, you can also find the default credentials printed on your router’s bottom sticker or router’s manual.

Default Username and Password for Pix Link Router

Username Password
admin admin
(blank) admin

Default IPs for Pix Link Router Login

What if nothing works?

If you face login issues even after entering the correct username and password or you enter able to open the Pix Link login page even after trying all the default login IP addresses. Then, you should perform a factory reset of your Home Wifi router.

Pix link modems have a reset button beside the ethernet port. You need to long press the reset button for about 10 to 15 seconds and release it when the power LED turns Off. As soon as the power LED turns on again, the process of reset will be initiated. It might take around 2 to 3 minutes. After which you should try to log in again to the Pix Link router admin panel by following the instructions given above in the article.

Although, if still face login troubles and are not able to either open the login page or access the admin panel. Then, you must contact the Pix Link customer care executive to help you out with the admin login process and check if the Industrial wifi router is not damaged.

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