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Do you want to send Tmobile Email to Text? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. 

It can happen sometimes that you need to send text messages to a T-Mobile user, but your phone is dead or is out of network. In such instances, you can use the “Tmobile Email to Text” technique. 

The telecom operator, T-Mobile, offers a gateway address for users to send text messages via Email. is the email domain of T-mobile, using which you can easily send text messages from your email ID. 

To learn more about the process of sending Tmobile Email to Text, read the complete article. Here, we have provided different methods of sending Email to Text to a T-Mobile user. 

Tmobile Email to Text

How To Send TMobile Email To Text?

Step 1: Open your preferred emailing app after connecting your device to the internet. You can use your smartphone, computer, or any other gadget that supports Email applications and has active internet access.

Step 2: Compose the Email. Type the recipient’s 10-digit phone number of whom you want to text in the “To” section of the Email. After the phone number, add the email domain or the gateway address of Tmobile, which is 

Suppose the recipient’s phone number is 1234567890. For sending Tmobile Email to Text on this number, you have to enter it as in the “To” field. 

Step 3: Now, add a subject line and type in the message that you want to share. Click on the send button, and your T Mobile Email to Text will be delivered to the mentioned phone number. 

Text Tmobile From Email Important Tips

Before you Text T mobile from Email, please consider these points. Else, you might face difficulty in sending the message. Here are the tips for “Email to Text Tmobile!”

  • When entering the recipient number along with the gateway address, remember not to include any dashes or spaces in between. If you do so, it will be displayed as an incorrect email address. 
  • The SMS text length for sending Email to Text is 160 characters maximum. Therefore, always send messages within the prescribed limit. It is also important to note that lengthy texts (more than 160 characters) will be sent as multimedia messages (MMS) rather than SMS. 
  • To send multimedia messages or texts longer than 160 characters via Email, you should use the MMS service of T-Mobile. 
  • The person on the receiving end may get charged for accessing the text message or at worst, will not receive any SMS if they don’t have an active T-mobile messaging plan on their mobile number. 
  • You don’t need to compose a new email every time you want to send text via email. You can reply in threads on the same email. 

How To Identify Messages Sent From Tmobile Email To Text?

The texts you send via Email to a recipient will be sent from a number starting with 10101.  

If you receive a text on your Tmobile from a number that has 10101 as the initial digit, then it is confirmed that the sender has used the “email to text Tmobile service. 

However, you don’t need to reply to the sender through email If you receive text from such a number. You can text him/her back via your usual SMS app. 

The person will receive the message on his/her email address. You can carry on the conversation in threads by replying to the same message. 

T-Mobile Email To Text using Email Extension

We all know that Gmail is the widely used Email Service App. Now, it also has its own Chrome extension to make it convenient for users to send texts from emails. 

If you are a frequent Gmail user and send bulk texts from your email, then the “Google Extension Send Your Email to SMS” might provide you with an added benefit. 

The extension allows you to send T-Mobile Email to Text without any hassle of remembering gateway codes and mobile numbers. You can also receive SMS notifications for important emails if you switch to this feature. 

To send a Tmobile Email To Text with the help of Google Email Extension, follow the process mentioned below:

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser and download the “Google Extension Send Your Email to SMS”. After successful download, a phone icon will be added to your Gmail. 

Step 2: Compose an email and click on the phone icon. It will display all your contact lists stored in saved on your Gmail account, including those who use Tmobile services. 

Step 3: Select the person you want to send the text to and click the send button. The recipient will receive your message as an SMS. 

Note: The aforesaid process is only applicable if you use Gmail. Also, the extension will be useful only if you have contacts saved on your Gmail ID. 

Email To Text Tmobile From My T-Mobile Account

The telecom brand offers special Tmobile Email to Text features using which you can forward emails sent to T-Mobile cell numbers to SMS text messages and deliver them straight to the customer’s phone. 

Additionally, If you are a T-Mobile customer and have a My T-Mobile account, you can access the online messaging service from T-Mobile to communicate with other T-Mobile customers. 

All you need to do is to open your T-Mobile account by logging in. Then on the “MobileLife” menu, after selecting the Email and Text Tools, you can compose the message and send it to the addressee’s phone number. Remember to keep the text limit up to 129 characters. 


With the plethora of messaging options available to everyone online and on smartphones, many forget that some of the older SMS texting techniques still exist. Tmobile text from email is one such technique that most of us don’t know about. However, as you’ve read this article, you can now easily send text messages from your email to any Tmobile user. Follow the procedure given in the blog and use the T-Mobile Email to Text service to get your message delivered within an instant.

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