Arris Modem Login – Wifi Router Login Guide

Have you bought a new Arris Router for your home? But don’t know how to do Arris Router Login! Then, we are here to help you out. To log into the Arris router, you will require properly set up Arris broadband, internet connection, and user credentials. Plus, you will also need the Arris router’s default IP address. If you have all these, you are all good to login into the router’s admin panel.

How to do Arris Router Login?

Connect to the Network

For logging into the Arris router, you must have a consistent internet source throughout the session of logging into the router. Plus, you must connect your device with the router either through a wired connection or by wireless means. Make sure that the device you are using to login to arris router should be connected to Arris WiFi and not to mobile data for internet connectivity.

To connect your router to the computer, you will require an ethernet port. Although, connecting the router with a smartphone is not easy with a cable connection. Therefore, you will have to connect smartphones and similar devices wirelessly with the router. However, we recommend our readers use a wired connection while logging into the Arris router. Doing this avoids sudden logging off and disconnection of the system and the router.

Enter the IP address in a Web browser

Now, as you have an arris login router setup, you can continue with the further procedure. To login arris modem, you have to open any preferable web browser on your device and launch the search for the IP address or You can also copy and paste the links, or in the search field of your web browser. Then, run the search. A login page will appear on your screen.

If you face login troubles or loading errors, then there might be a possibility that the IP address you entered is misspelled or isn’t applicable to your router. To resolve this issue and find the correct IP address of your Arris router, you have to see the bottom of your router where you will find an info sticker pasted. The sticker will contain printed information about the router’s default IP address and other credentials. You have to enter that printed IP address in the browser’s search bar. You can also find the same in the router’s manual.

Enter the required credentials

After launching a search for the correct IP address of Arris routers, you will be taken to the login page of the router. The admin login page will ask you to fill in some credentials, specifically, the admin username and password. You have to enter your Arris username and Arris password in the blank fields provided. And then, click on the Sign in button.

If you don’t remember your admin username and password. Then, you can find them printed on the bottom sticker of your router along with the default IP address. You can refer to the router’s instructions manual for the same.

Arris Router Configuration

Once you log into the Arris admin panel, you can make as many WiFi settings changes as you want. But you should be cautious while saving the changes as you might get abruptly logged off from the admin panel. And this may hamper the changes you made to your router settings. To prevent any loss of data or information, always write down the updates you make to your router.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start by changing the Arris WiFi name and password after you log into the Arris admin panel. Here are the details you will need while you update the Arris SSID and password.

Change Arris WiFi SSID name

First of all, you need to log into the Arris router by following the aforementioned instructions. Now, after logging into the router, open the Wireless settings tab and type your desired SSID name in the Wireless Network Name field. Click on Apply to save the changes.

Change Arris WiFi password

Further, if you want to change your WiFi password, you will need to log in again by filling up the asked credentials on the login page. As you log into the admin panel, a System Basic Setup page will appear on your screen where you have to enter the password of your choice in the Pre-Shared Key field. Click on Apply to save the changes.

What if Arris modem log in does not work?

In case you are not able to log in again to the router’s admin panel after you made changes to the router’s settings. Then you should perform a factory reset of the router to bring back its settings to default. However, before you do a factory reset, we will advise you to keep a backfile of the information and configuration of the router.

Performing factory resetting is easy. You only need to press the reset button which is almost beside the ethernet port of the router. This will turn off the power LED Lights of the router which will turn on within a few seconds and the process of factory reset will be initiated. After 2 to 3 minutes, the procedure of factory reset will get over. Followed to which you can log in again by referring to the first section of the article. We hope you understand the procedure very well!

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