National Girls Hall of Fame

Revised August 12, 2016

The National Girls Hall of Fame is composed of National Girls Tournament of Champions participants. At the beginning of the event, each of these players possessed a US Chess National Master or Expert ranking for the year/years of their participation.  This list includes the state affiliate they represented.

Michelle Chen (MA)NM Annie Wang (CA-S)NM Jennifer Yu (VA)WCM Claudia Munoz (TX)
Alice Dong (NJ)Kimberly Ding (NJ)Anupama Rajendra (WI)WCM Thalia Cervantes (MO)
Claudia E Munoz (TX)Becca Lampman (WA)NM Jennifer Yu (VA)
Epiphany M Peters (TN)Claudia E Munoz (TX)Anupama Rajendra (WI)
Emily K Tallo (IN)Lilia Meilan Poteat (NY)Julia Sevilla (CA-S)
Apurva Virkud (MI)Jessica Regam (PA)Miranda Liu (IL)
Ellen Xiang (NH)Carissa Shiwe Yip (MA)
Jennifer R Yu (VA)