2019 Opening Ceremony Information

Dear Confirmed WIM Ruth Haring National Girls Tournament Participants:

We look forward to your participation in the upcoming 2019 WIM Ruth Haring National Girls Tournament of Champions event in Orlando, FL. Please print this page and review the items listed below:

1) Please make a copy of the 2019 Information and Rules for your event and bring them with you. These are available on this website.

2) All participants are required to attend the Denker/Barber/Haring National Girls Opening Ceremony. Please show up and be seated as instructed. Contact Jon Haskel at (jon@bocachess.com) if your travel plans delay you.

3) Girls are expected to wear a blouse and slacks or blouse and skirt or dress. A number of photos will be taken, some of which will appear in your state chess publication and/or Chess Life. Dress smart and look great. This dress code applies only to the Opening Ceremony.

4) At the end of the Opening Ceremony there will be a photo session. You will be dismissed after the photo session to go and have dinner and prepare for Round 1.

5) If you are musically inclined and you will have your instrument with you in Orlando, or you are a vocalist, and you would be interested in performing the National Anthem, please email Jon.

6) Please be sure to bring a chess clock as those will not be provided. Chess sets will be provided.

7) Often participants will bring a small item/trinket that is representative of their state and give it to their opponents before the start of each round. You may want to consider doing so. Please do not exchange an item of food due to a chance of food allergies.

8) If you are going to participate in the US Open you will be able to register onsite at 50% of the lowest entry fee after you arrive at site.

9) State versus State Championship: We will recognize those states whose representatives had the highest combined scores. If the host state has two representatives for any of the three events, only the primary representatives’ scores will count for purposes of the state team totals. Gift Certificates will be awarded to each player from the five highest scoring state affiliate. In addition, Gift Certificates will be given to each player of the top state in the following sections: Under 2100, Under 1900, and Under 1700.

Jon Haskel, Tournament Director:  jon@bocachess.com


1) This is what I have been asked most often since the first newsletter: Yes, make sure to bring a chess clock as those will not be provided. Chess sets will be provided. There will be a chess vendor onsite in case something is needed.

2) Check-in and pick up your state flag and take it with you when you march in for the Opening Ceremony. When your name is called during the Opening Ceremony bring the flag with you and hand it to the person who will give you your Gold Medallion. Each player will need to pick up their flag at the front of the room before the start of each round for display next to their board. If you do not already recognize your state flag do a little research beforehand.

3) For pairings, etc. during the tournaments you will be able to go to the US Chess home page and click on the left where it says “Upcoming National Events” to get this information. There will also be a link on the home pages for the three events.

See you soon and have a good trip to Florida!