Having the Confidence to Do What is Right

Please click the link below to read an inspiring article about girls chess, from the April 2016 issue of Chess Life for Kids, about Four Star Admiral Michelle Howard’s visit to the DC Chess Club.

Admiral Howard understands confidence, hard work and being a strong women. She dared to go where no woman had gone before, and succeeded to break barriers for others to follow. She is a hero and role model for women and girls. Admiral Michelle Howard was the first African-American woman to command a U.S. ship!

Having the Confidence to do what is Right by Jim Doyle  Pages 12-15.

The article starts on page 11. We thank the Chess Director of Publications, Daniel Lucas, for permission to reprint this article on this website.

“Commitment and focus to your goals gets you so far in so many areas of life. In chess, you have to be focused and committed to the goal of checkmate.”

“It’s wonderful to see you here ready to play chess and willing to take on something that’s mentally hard and will make you mentally tough. I think that’s just wonderful”

“It is the practice of doing things that gives you confidence.”