Chess Summer

Chess Summer 2014

WCM Claudia Munoz
July 31, 2014


2014 Co-Champions l to r Claudia Munoz, Jessica Regam, Jennifer Yu

NATIONAL GIRLS INVITATIONAL – Award Ceremony: Words cannot describe what I am feeling in this particular moment but one thing is for sure, I will always remember the chess summer of 2014!I know you guys have been following me this week from my first round loss and as I won round after round until I won the final round today becoming 2014 National Girls Invitational Champion.

Obviously I did not do this by myself.  My strong spiritual relationship with God is a motivating factor. The relationship I have with my mother and sister as well as father (who is my chess coach) is special and it fuels my round by round performance, even when my dad gets massively upset at me as he did in my first round loss – he means well or else I would not be where I am today in the chess world. July of 2014 has marked my life in many ways, I knew I was going to do well in both the U.S. Girls Closed Championship and the National Girls Invitational, but wow!!

I have to applaud several people along the way as well. I could not have won this event if Jessica Regam had not defeated Jennifer Yu in the last round as she was the sole leader. Also, I had to defeat Becca Lampman in the last round as well, but had she not defeated WIM Annie Wang in the 3rd round, the road would not have been paved for me. Therefore, I cannot write this article and simply applaud myself. Other did their work as well. However, I did have one objective that I had to reach – win every round and not worry about what everyone else did.  I applaud the Co-Champions of this 2014 National Girls Invitational – Jennifer Yu, Jessica Regam and myself. Last year I came in 13th place in this event after having started in the 6th position.