About the US Chess Women’s Committee

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The US Chess Women’s Committee is an official volunteer committee of US Chess. We are charged with helping empower women and girls through chess. Overseeing the WIM Ruth Haring National Girls National Tournament of Champions is only a small part of what we do.

We work with many other US Chess Committees and the Executive Board of US Chess to strengthen Chess for all lovers of our sport. Yet, our main mission is to support, strengthen and grow the female chess community within the United States. To that end, we are committed to lending our support equally to all female chess players, their families, teachers and coaches, tournament directors, event organizers and chess journalists. If you are involved in promoting chess for women and girls, or want to volunteer, we want to hear from you.



“To Empower, Teach, and Inspire Women and Girls to maximize their potential in the Chess Community”.


  • Inspire – confidence in women to play, organize and support chess. Chess should be fun!
  • Work – for a positive and inclusive environment in all chess communities. Awareness and empathy.
  • Support – chess initiatives that aim to enable equal participation and opportunities for everyone.
  • Create Synergy – to other organizations and people in the chess world to unite our efforts.
  • Research – problems and share solutions concerning women chess participation and service.
  • Strengthen – education and mentoring for the next generations of women in chess.
  • Provide – solutions and access to resources for supporting women and girls in chess.

The Mission Statement and Core Values above belong to the US Women’s Committee. If you wish volunteer with us on local, state or national levels, please contact us for more information.