2018 Chess Heroes for Girls

The US Chess Women’s Committee recognizes the amazing women and girl of chess. Below are links to pages for a few of our heroes. Click. Read. Be inspired.

Veronika Zilajeva   2018 NGTOC Champion; NGTOC 2014-2018, First women ever to win the Oklahoma state chess championship title.

Anupama Rajendra Made history as a TWO TIME Champion of The All-Girls in 2015 and 2016.

Maggie Feng 2016 K-9 Championship Champion. The first girl in history to win this Championship. She scored of 6.5 out of 7.

WFM Jennifer Yu, 2014-2016 US Chess National Girls Champion of Champions.

WGM Paikidze Nazi 2016 US Women’s Champion.

WGM Jennifer Shahade, US Chess Champion, Chess Journalist, Chess Author, Chess Organizer, Board member of the World Chess Hall of Fame in Saint Louis, Women’s Committee Member

WIM Ruth Haring, Former US Chess Board of Directors, Member at Large, Past President US Chess Federation, US Chess representative to FIDE, 5 time US Women’s Olympiad Team member, Member of CalChess Board of Directors, former Women’s Committee Executive Board Liaison.

Sophia Rohde National Tournament Director, FIDE Arbiter, Organizer, FIDE International Organizer, Chess Teacher, Chess Author, Women’s Committee Member.

WCM Claudio Munoz, in the TOP 10 Girls List in her category, Chess Journalist/Blogger, Women’s Committee Member


What will you do to further yourself and the game of chess?