Tournament Information


The National Girls Tournament of Champions (NGTOC) will be help annually. In the model of the Denker and Barber Tournaments, the NGTOC will be held in conjunction with the US Open. Each state affiliate will be invited to send one representative, a female player in grades K-12 who has demonstrated her ability in a manner satisfactory to the state affiliate. Each affiliate will be encouraged to arrange for an alternate player to attend should the original selected player be unable to participate. If there are an odd number of players, the host state affiliate may include a second participant to complete the field of players. The winning participant in the NGTOC will receive recognition and reward to be determined by the US Chess Committee on Women’s Chess commensurate with available resources. Following the model of the Denker and Barber events, NGTOC will consist of 6 rounds, and will be completed in time for the participants to play in the US Open if so desired. Some player expenses will be covered by the representative’s state affiliate and other sponsors, but players must complete all games to be eligible for Prize Funds. (Illness appeals will be heard by the NGTOC subcommittee of the Women’s Chess committee)


The US Chess Committee on Women’s Chess strongly recommends that each affiliate organize a Girl’s State Championship as the mechanism to determine its representative to the National Girls Tournament of Champions. This event, which various affiliates already hold in February or March, could be enthusiastically promoted, especially once the state representative has been named. No state affiliate is required to use a specific selection procedure, but it would certainly be exciting to see 40 (or 50!) girl champions on the cover of “Chess Life”.