National Girls Hall of Fame 2013-17

Revised October 4, 2017

The National Girls Hall of Fame is composed of National Girls Tournament of Champions participants. At the beginning of the event, each of these players possessed a US Chess National Master or Expert ranking for the year/years of their participation.  This list includes the state affiliate they represented.

Michelle Chen (MA)NM Annie Wang (CA-S)NM Jennifer Yu (VA)WCM Claudia Munoz (TX)Marissa Li (IL)
Alice Dong (NJ)Kimberly Ding (NJ)Anupama Rajendra (WI)WCM Thalia Cervantes (MO)Naomi Bashkansky (WA)
Claudia E Munoz (TX)Becca Lampman (WA)NM Jennifer Yu (VA)Priya Trakru (TX)
Epiphany M Peters (TN)Claudia E Munoz (TX)Anupama Rajendra (WI)NM Annie Wang (CA-S)
Emily K Tallo (IN)Lilia Meilan Poteat (NY)Julia Sevilla (CA-S)Anupama Rajendra (WI)
Apurva Virkud (MI)Jessica Regam (PA)Miranda Liu (IL)Rochelle Wu (AL)
Ellen Xiang (NH)Carissa Shiwe Yip (MA)Sanjana Vittal (NJ)
Jennifer R Yu (VA)Veronika Zilajeva (OK)